Monday, January 24, 2011

great sunday

yesterday, i had a great weekend with my best friends ever.. they are really my best friends...since mrsm kt till now...smpi da kawen..actually we're 5, tp lg sorg xde...xjoin sgt da ktorg coz die jauh..die kat ganu.ktorg kebetulan lak sume kat kl..easy to jumpe la compared to her..dlu sll gak lepak ber5 kat kt. 5 of us are from the same school which is kelas mulia bestari..on that time ktorg xla rapat sgt...knl gitu2 jer...eventhough i yani n bie are the groupmates...muni lak dok depan katil i kat hostel..eda lak best friend kpd yani..ktorg close ble sume dpt mrsm kt...since ktorg dr skolah same sblm tu, dkt kt ktorg kwn la same...smpi sknag ktorg kwn lg..3 of us da kawen pon..tggu lg 2 org...2 of us nk jd mak org da pon..bile kire2 lame da ktorg kwn...smlm kire 1st hangout la after 3 of us get married...kua sume gosip2 terkini..i really respect yani n eda...larat tol dorg jln dgn bawak perut tu..yg paling xlarat i la..jln sket penat da...ngade2 sket...;) but yesterday wasnt really a good day for us..ktorg decided to lepak kat ou...pengalaman pertama ssh gler nk dpt parking...xtau la bape lame ktorg cr parking...miss driver pon nk ngamok da...i selaku co pilot tlg letihkan dr jgk la..hehe but after all, i was so happy dpt jp korg..pasni mst ssh da sbb da ade ank kan..apepun, to yani n eda, i wish u all dpt deliver baby dgn selamat..n to muni, hopefully dpt la g wedding u taun ni gak..hehe luv u all guys...mmuah

eda n me

me n muni

muni yani n eda


entry ni khas utk cik murni...
cik muni request this recipe...
so cik muni slmt mencuba yer...hehe


4 ekor ketam [digoreng]
10 biji cili padi [kisar]
2 ulas bwg merah [kisar]
1 btg serai [kisar]
3cm halia [kisar]
3 sudu mkn cili merah kisar
4 sudu mkn sos tiram
2 sudu mkn sos cili
air asam jawa
garam n gula secukup rs

cara masak:

1. tumis bwg merah, serai, halia n cili padi
2. mskkn cili merah + sos tiram + sos cili
3. masak shgga naik bau, msk air asam
4. masukkan ketam
5. garam n gula seckp rasa

ok siap...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

let's take a few minutes to think...

saturday morning...
wat should i do???
done all my stuff
boring??'s quite boring
i wish all my dreams come true
but it's not simple as that kan...
we might face some difficulties
sometimes we get what we want
but then, u will lose smthng else
so, which want will u choose??
ur dreams or ur happiness??
let us leave to Him
He knows better wat is the best for us
hoping for the best..amin

Thursday, January 6, 2011

this is my family

no matter who we are
where we go
don't ever forget the one who loves us very much
who are the most support us
whenever we need them
whoever always stand beside us
when we really need helps
always remember the most precious 'thing' in our life
which is...
"OUR FAMILY" who stays together and prays together with us...
luv ya all...(^_^)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yuna - After Midnight (lyrics)

love this song...
tp lagu ni cam lagu b4 the dawn sket..
watever la kan...
just enjoy this song....(",)

welcome 2011

it's already 3rd day in 2o11...
hopefully it's not too late to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all
wishing u all this year filled with new hope, new joy and new beginnings...
azam, aku xde azam baru pon tok new year ni
coz everyday pon aku ade azam tp xtercapai pon lg
arapnyer bakal tercapai gak la sooner or later...
ok...that's it...
enjoy ur day....(^_^)